CAA Program Delegation Status for Louisiana — NESHAP Part 61

SubpartDescriptionLDEQ3Non-Delegable Authorities
AGeneral ProvisionsYes
See Note 1 for NESHAP Part 61, for explanation of delegation authorities, as well as the following specific references:
§ 61.04(b) Addresses of State and Local Implementing Agencies
§ 61.11 Waiver of Compliance {not listed under 40 CFR 61.04(c)(ii)}
§ 61.12(d)(1) Compliance with Standard and Maintenance Requirements, Alternate Means of Emission Limitation
§ 61.13(h)(1)(ii)  Major Changes to an Emission Test
§§ 61.14(d) and (g)(1)(ii) Major Modifications to Monitoring Requirements
§ 61.16 Availability of Information Procedures
BBBenzene (Transfer Operations)Yes
DBeryllium (Rocket Motor Firing)Yes
61.53(c)(4) List of approved Design, Maintenance, and Housekeeping Practices for Mercury Chlor-Alkali Plants.
FVinyl ChlorideYes
FFBenzene (Wastewater Operations)Yes
JBenzene (Equipment Leaks Fugitives)Yes
LBenzene (Coke By-Product Plants)Yes
NInorganic Arsenic (Glass Manufac.)Yes
OInorganic Arsenic (Prim. Copper Smelt.)Yes
PInorganic ArsenicYes
VFugitive Emissions of Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutants (i.e., VHAPs)Yes
YBenzene (Storage Vessels)Yes
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Any authority that is not delegable by statute, or specified as non-delegable in a subpart directly, is not delegated - this would include any specific requirements that are specified as not delegable in the General Provisions (Subpart A) and individual Subparts.  The original authority on which the Part 61 NESHAP delegations were based [CAA section 112(d)(1)] was removed in the 1990 CAA Amendments and replaced by CAA section 112(l).  Since Part 63 Subpart E now implements CAA section 112(l),  any revisions to existing Part 61 delegations would follow Part 63 Subpart E; authorities which may not be delegated include the following Part 63 General Provisions (Subpart A):

     §63.6(g) Approval of Alternative Non-Opacity Emission Standards
     §63.6(h)(9) Approval of Alternative Opacity Standards
     §63.7(3)(2)(ii) and (f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Test Methods
     §63.8(f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Monitoring
     §63.10(f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Recordkeeping and Reporting

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) has been delegated those Part 61 standards promulgated by EPA, as amended in the Federal Register through July 1, 2013, with the exception of the following Subparts pertaining to emission standards for certain Radionuclides:  B, H, I, K, Q, R, T, and W.