CAA Program Delegation Status for New Mexico — NESHAP Part 63

SubpartDescriptionNMED5ABCAQCB6Non-Delegable Authorities
AGeneral ProvisionsYesYes
See Notes 1 and 2 for NESHAP Part 63, for explanation of delegation authorities, as well as the following specific references:
§ 63.6(g) Approval of Alternative Non-Opacity Emission Standards
§ 63.6(h)(9) Approval of Alternative Opacity Standards
§ 63.7(e)(2)(ii) and (f) Approval of Major Alternatives to Test Methods
§ 63.8(f) Approval of Major Alternatives to Monitoring
§ 63.10(f) Approval of Major Alternatives to Recordkeeping and Reporting
AA/BBPhosphoric Acid/Phosphate FertilizersYesYes
AAAAMunicipal Solid Waste LandfillsYesYes
AAAAALime Manufacturing PlantsYesYes
AAAAAAAAsphalt Roofing and Processing Manufacturing Area SourcesYesYes
BBBBBSemiconductor ManufacturingYesYes
BBBBBBGasloline Distribution TerminalsYesYes
BBBBBBBChemical Preparations Industry Area SourcesYesYes
CCPetroleum Refineries (MACT I)YesYes
CCCSteel Pickling - HCL Process Facilities and Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration PlantsYesYes
CCCCNutritional Yeast ManufacturingYesYes
CCCCCCoke Oven; Pushing, Quenching, & Battery StacksYesYes
CCCCCCGasoline Dispensing FacilitiesYesYes
CCCCCCCPaints and Allied Products Manufacturing Area SourcesYesYes
DEarly ReductionsYesYes
DDOffsite Waste & RecoveryYesYes
DDDStandards for Mineral - Wool ProductionYesYes
DDDDPlywood & Composite Wood ProductsYesYes

This subpart was issued a partial vacatur by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. See 72 FR 61060 (October 29, 2007).

DDDDDIndustrial, Commercial & Institutional Boilers & Process HeatersYesYes

Final Rule. See 76 FR (March 21, 2011), as amended at 78 FR 7138 (January 31, 2013); 80 FR 72807 (November 20, 2015). Note that some state and local partners have not yet applied for updated delegation of these standards (see footnotes on full delegations list).

DDDDDDPolyvinyl Chloride and Copolymers ProductionYesYes
DDDDDDDPrepared Feeds Manufacturing Area SourcesYesYes
EEMagnetic Tape ManufacturingYesYes
EEEStandards for Hazardous Waste CombustorsYesYes

ADs/RIs go to ARD or LRD.

EEEEOrganic Liquids Distribution (Non-Gasoline)YesYes
EEEEEIron & Steel FoundriesYesYes
EEEEEEPrimary Copper SmeltingYesYes
EEEEEEEGold Mine Ore Processing and Production Area SourcesYesYes
FFFFMiscellaneous OrganicYesYes
FFFFFIntegrated Iron & Steel Manufacturing FacilitiesYesYes
FFFFFFSecondary Copper SmeltingYesYes
GGAerospace Manufacturing and ReworkYesYes
GGGStandards for Pharmaceuticals ProductionYesYes
GGGGSolvent Extraction for Vegetable Oil ProductionYesYes
GGGGGSite RemediationYesYes
GGGGGGPrimary Nonferrous Metals Zinc, Cadmium, and BerylliumYesYes
HHOil & Natural Gas ProductionYesYes
HHHStandards for Natural Gas Transmission & StorageYesYes
HHHHWet-Formed Fiberglass Mat ProductionYesYes
HHHHHMiscellaneous Coating ManufacturingYesYes
HHHHHHPaint Stripping and Miscellaneous Surface CoatingYesYes
HHHHHHHPolyvinyl Chloride and Copolymers ProductionYesYes
IIShipbuilding & Ship RepairYesYes
IIIFlexible Polyurethane Foam ProductionYesYes
IIIIAuto & Light Duty Truck (Surface Coating)YesYes
IIIIIMercury Cell Chlor-Alkali PlantsYesYes
JJWood Furniture ManufacturingYesYes
JJJPolymers & Resins/ Group IVYesYes
JJJJPaper & Other Webs (Surface Coating)YesYes
JJJJJJIndustrial, Commercial & Institutional Boilers & Process Heaters Area SourcesYesYes
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Any authority that is not delegable by statute, or specified as non-delegable in a subpart directly, is not delegated - this includes Category II General Provisions (Subpart A) authorities, set forth in 40 CFR § 63.91(g)(2):

     §63.6(g)  Approval of Alternative Non-Opacity Emission Standards
     §63.6(h)(9)  Approval of Alternative Opacity Standards
     §63.7(e)(2)(ii) and (f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Test Methods
     §63.8(f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Monitoring
     §63.10(f)  Approval of Major Alternatives to Recordkeeping and Reporting

Amendments made to a rule after adoption by a State Agency are not delegated.  The delegations are subject to all of the conditions and limitations set forth in Federal law, regulations, policy, guidance, and determinations.  State authority delegation does not apply to sources located in Indian Country.  For those authorities that cannot be delegated, see certain general provisions listed in item 1 and also specific parts of some standards as stated in each specific standard. See also Subpart E, Approval of State Programs and Delegation of Federal Authorities - specifically, 40 CFR § 63.90(d) provides for authorities retained by EPA's Administrator.


Program delegated to New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) for standards promulgated by EPA, as amended in the Federal Register through January 15, 2017.


Program delegated to Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board (ABCAQCB) for standards promulgated by EPA, as amended in the Federal Register through September 13, 2013.