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Rutland Regional Planning Commission
10/01/2007 to 12/31/2012
Regionally Funded
Hazardous, Petroleum

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Cooperative Agreement Contact

Marquieta Minor-Gordon
(202) 566-1817

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Grant Property Address

Properties Addressed By This Cooperative Agreement

Property NameAddressProperty Page Link
Fillipos Dry Cleaners84 Woodstock Avenue Rutland City, VT 05701Open
Flory's PlazaBusiness Route 4 Center Rutland, VT 05736Open
Former Berwick HotelWales and Center Streets Downtown Rutland Rutland, VT 05701Open
Jolley Associates276 Main Street Jeffersonville, VT 05464Open
Parker's Service Station1 South Street Middletown Springs, VT 05757Open

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Assessment Activities

Property NameEPA FundingCompletion DateActivityLeveraged Funding
Fillipos Dry Cleaners$1,603.0009/15/2009Cleanup Planning$0.00
Fillipos Dry Cleaners$49,816.0001/15/2009Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Flory's Plaza$9,406.0012/08/2011Cleanup Planning$0.00
Flory's Plaza$29,993.0008/24/2011Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Former Berwick Hotel$2,513.0012/31/2012Cleanup Planning$0.00
Former Berwick Hotel$137,706.0003/10/2010Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Jolley Associates$21,534.0012/31/2012Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Parker's Service Station$18,446.0012/31/2012Cleanup Planning$0.00
Parker's Service Station$1,777.0010/30/2012Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Parker's Service Station$47,854.0006/15/2011Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Parker's Service Station$28,910.0006/15/2012Supplemental Assessment$0.00

EPA Assessment Funding: $349,558.00
Leveraged Funding: $0.00
Total Funding: $349,558.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Cleanup Activities

Property NameEPA FundingIs Cleanup Required?Completion Date
Parker's Service Station$0.00Yes $0.00

Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
Costshare Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
EPA RLF Subgrant:
EPA RLF Program Income Loaned:
EPA RLF Program Income Subgranted:
Total Funding: $0.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Institutional & Engineering Controls

Property NameAre ICs Required?IC In PlaceAre ECs Required?EC In Place
Fillipos Dry CleanersYesYesYesNo
Flory's PlazaYesYes  
Former Berwick HotelYesYes  
Jolley AssociatesYesNoYesNo
Parker's Service StationYesYesNo 

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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

Property NameStart DateCompletion DateLeveraged FundingAcres Of Greenspace CreatedRedevelopment Jobs Leveraged
Flory's Plaza06/12/201307/25/2013$2,000.00 1

Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged: 1
Leveraged Funding: $2,000.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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