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Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission
10/01/2015 to 09/30/2018
Regionally Funded
Hazardous, Petroleum

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Cooperative Agreement Contact

Dorothy Paar
(617) 918-1432

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Grant Property Address

Properties Addressed By This Cooperative Agreement

Property NameAddressProperty Page Link
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.12 Keith Avenue BARRE, VT 05641Open
51 Prospect Street51 Prospect Street BARRE, VT 05641Open
75 and 79 S Main St75 and 79 S Main St Whiting, VT 05778Open
Ayer Auto Expansion561 North Main Street BARRE, VT 05641Open
Capital Candy16 Prospect Street BARRE, VT 05641Open
Montpelier Granite Works43-65 Granite Shed Lane MONTPELIER, VT 05602Open
Union Elementary School1 Park Avenue MONTPELIER, VT 05602Open
Woodbury Country Store3652 VT Route 14 WOODBURY, VT 05681Open
Yellow Barn281 VT Route 15 W HARDWICK, VT 05843Open

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Assessment Activities

Property NameEPA FundingCompletion DateActivityLeveraged Funding
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.$79,485.0010/16/2017Cleanup Planning$0.00
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.$0.0004/22/2014Phase I Environmental Assessment$7,500.00
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.$0.0006/10/2014Phase II Environmental Assessment$75,000.00
51 Prospect Street$0.0001/20/2017Phase I Environmental Assessment$5,000.00
51 Prospect Street$27,302.0003/30/2018Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
75 and 79 S Main St$10,995.00 Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Ayer Auto Expansion$20,070.0005/30/2018Cleanup Planning$0.00
Ayer Auto Expansion$87,543.0005/30/2018Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Ayer Auto Expansion$4,527.0006/08/2018Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Capital Candy$31,434.0010/18/2017Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Capital Candy$108,201.00 Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Capital Candy$28,098.00 Supplemental Assessment$9,258.00
Montpelier Granite Works$25,338.0009/20/2018Cleanup Planning$0.00
Montpelier Granite Works$131,424.0005/30/2018Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Montpelier Granite Works$78,651.0005/30/2018Supplemental Assessment$4,254.00
Union Elementary School$176,208.0008/31/2018Cleanup Planning$39,402.00
Union Elementary School$0.0008/09/2018Phase I Environmental Assessment$133,248.00
Union Elementary School$224,694.0011/30/2017Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Union Elementary School$0.0003/01/2018Supplemental Assessment$121,824.00
Woodbury Country Store$27,218.0009/26/2018Cleanup Planning$0.00
Woodbury Country Store$58,238.0007/16/2018Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Yellow Barn$2,135.0009/28/2018Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00

EPA Assessment Funding: $1,121,561.00
Leveraged Funding: $395,486.00
Total Funding: $1,517,047.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Cleanup Activities

Property NameEPA FundingIs Cleanup Required?Completion Date
Ayer Auto Expansion$0.00Yes $18,000.00
Union Elementary School$0.00Yes $260,000.00
Woodbury Country Store$0.00Yes12/01/2018$0.00

Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
Costshare Funding:
Leveraged Funding: $278,000.00
EPA RLF Subgrant:
EPA RLF Program Income Loaned:
EPA RLF Program Income Subgranted:
Total Funding: $278,000.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Institutional & Engineering Controls

Property NameAre ICs Required?IC In PlaceAre ECs Required?EC In Place
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.YesNoYesNo
51 Prospect StreetYesNoYesNo
75 and 79 S Main StNo No 
Ayer Auto ExpansionYesNoYesNo
Capital CandyYesNoYesNo
Montpelier Granite WorksYesNoYesNo
Union Elementary SchoolYesNoYesNo
Woodbury Country StoreNoNo No
Yellow Barn  No 

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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

Property NameStart DateCompletion DateLeveraged FundingAcres Of Greenspace CreatedRedevelopment Jobs Leveraged
12 Keith Ave.-25 Pearl St.03/28/2018 $1,120,000.00  
51 Prospect Street11/01/201711/30/2017$76,000.00  
Ayer Auto Expansion09/03/2018 $325,000.00  
Union Elementary School11/01/2018 $920,000.00  

Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Leveraged Funding: $2,441,000.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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