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Brownfields Assessment Grant Profile

Flagstaff, City of
Grant ID: 69600886.
Cooperative Agreement #: BF00T97401

This profile provides a summary of basic grant information and the accomplishments reported to the US EPA by a Brownfields Brownfields A brownfield is an abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and commercial facility/site where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. EPA's Brownfields initiative helps communities mitigate potential health risks and restore the economic viability of such areas or properties. grant recipient.

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Profile Information

Flagstaff, City of
10/01/2012 to 10/31/2015
Regionally Funded
Hazardous, Petroleum

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Cooperative Agreement Contact

Jose Garcia
(213) 244-1811

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Properties Addressed By This Cooperative Agreement

Property NameAddressProperty Page Link
Airport Hanger703 Airport Rd. WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
Ames Service Station1014 East 3rd Street North Winslow, AZ 86047Open
Bellemont Gas Station13559 West Old Route 66 BELLEMONT, AZ 86015Open
Bernasconi (Aspen) House802 W. Aspen Ave FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
Bojorquez Parcel4 East Terrace Avenue FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
Canyon Trading Post5127 N State Highway 64 WILLIAMS, AZ 86046Open
Cemetery Building (Former Bath House)200 East Iowa Street HOLBROOK, AZ 86025Open
Former Summit Fire Station10060 Townsend Winona Road FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004Open
Fort Valley Plaza Shopping Center1000 N Humphreys, 100 & 120 FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004Open
HUB/17 Mike's Pike17 S. Mikes Pike FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004Open
Horsehead Crossing Deli & Ice Cream Parlor112 Bucket of Blood Ave HOLBROOK, AZ 86025Open
Housing Solution 2113 Property2113 N. Second St FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004Open
Hubbell Trading Post and parking lot601-699 West 2nd Street Winslow, AZ 86047Open
Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witnesses Church516 E. Second Street WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
LZ Budget Motelbetween 2nd & 3rd St E side of N. Parker Ave., Winslow, AZ 1102 E. 2nd StreetWINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
La Pasada East Parking Lot303 E 2nd St., Winslow, AZ WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
Mountain View Lot1965 E. Mountain View Ave. FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86004Open
New West Hubbell 700-734 N 2nd Street WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
North County Healthcare301 South 7th Street Williams, AZ 86046Open
Northern Arizona Academy 502 Airport Road WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
Page Landfill1550 Coppermine Rd PAGE, AZ 86040Open
Page Landfill / Former BOR LandfillNo address listed Page, AZ 86040 Open
Public Works Yard317 E. 4th St. WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
Pulliam Airport6200 South Pulliam Drive #204 FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86005Open
RP Electric1926 N. Third St. FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
Roberts Parcel814 N. Leroux Street FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
Snowflake Public Swimming Pool148 S. 2nd West SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937Open
Snowflake TireNorth Hwy 77 SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937Open
Solberg Cottages519, 523 West Aspen Avenue & 14, 16 North Bonito Street FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
USGS Building #s 3, 4 and 62255 North Gemini Road FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
WWK Armstrong Parcel850 East Route 66 FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001Open
Winslow City Council Chambers 115 E 2nd St. WINSLOW, AZ 86047Open
Young T Company200 Bucket of Blood Ave HOLBROOK, AZ 86025Open

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Assessment Activities

Property NameEPA FundingCompletion DateActivityLeveraged Funding
Airport Hanger$15,803.0004/20/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Ames Service Station$2,005.0009/21/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Ames Service Station$5,733.0008/25/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Bellemont Gas Station$3,400.0008/10/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Bernasconi (Aspen) House$2,350.0001/31/2016Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Bojorquez Parcel$500.0005/04/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Canyon Trading Post$4,800.0010/29/2014Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Canyon Trading Post$7,800.0002/27/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Cemetery Building (Former Bath House)$3,145.0007/30/2014Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Cemetery Building (Former Bath House)$2,756.0007/30/2014Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Former Summit Fire Station$3,389.0004/26/2016Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Fort Valley Plaza Shopping Center$3,730.0003/15/2016Supplemental Assessment$0.00
HUB/17 Mike's Pike$1,900.0005/01/2016Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Horsehead Crossing Deli & Ice Cream Parlor$3,145.0007/31/2014Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Housing Solution 2113 Property$1,850.0007/31/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Hubbell Trading Post and parking lot$30,480.0003/27/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witnesses Church$11,200.0007/15/2016Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
LZ Budget Motel$21,193.0001/07/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
LZ Budget Motel$7,800.0012/18/2014Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Mountain View Lot$3,398.0007/31/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
New West Hubbell $29,622.0008/31/2017Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
North County Healthcare$7,769.0002/27/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Northern Arizona Academy $4,216.0007/17/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Page Landfill$84,888.0008/31/2017Phase II Environmental Assessment$0.00
Page Landfill / Former BOR Landfill$4,366.0003/21/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Public Works Yard$3,400.0003/06/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Public Works Yard$6,043.0003/06/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Pulliam Airport$7,800.0009/22/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
RP Electric$3,400.0007/31/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Roberts Parcel$500.0005/04/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Snowflake Public Swimming Pool$5,450.0007/01/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Snowflake Tire$5,300.0007/01/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Solberg Cottages$7,873.0001/01/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
USGS Building #s 3, 4 and 6$7,800.0009/21/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
WWK Armstrong Parcel$500.0005/04/2015Phase I Environmental Assessment$0.00
Winslow City Council Chambers $7,056.0001/22/2015Supplemental Assessment$0.00
Young T Company$3,423.0007/31/2014Supplemental Assessment$0.00

EPA Assessment Funding: $325,783.00
Leveraged Funding: $0.00
Total Funding: $325,783.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Cleanup Activities

There are no Cleanup Activities for this Cooperative Agreement.
Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
Costshare Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
EPA RLF Subgrant:
EPA RLF Program Income Loaned:
EPA RLF Program Income Subgranted:
Total Funding: $0.00
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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Institutional & Engineering Controls

Property NameAre ICs Required?IC In PlaceAre ECs Required?EC In Place
Airport HangerNoNo
Ames Service StationNo
Bellemont Gas StationNo
Bernasconi (Aspen) HouseNoNo
Bojorquez ParcelNoNo
Canyon Trading PostNo
Cemetery Building (Former Bath House)No
Former Summit Fire StationNo
Fort Valley Plaza Shopping CenterNoNo
HUB/17 Mike's PikeNoNo
Horsehead Crossing Deli & Ice Cream Parlor
Housing Solution 2113 PropertyNoNo
Hubbell Trading Post and parking lot
Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witnesses Church
LZ Budget MotelNoNoNo
La Pasada East Parking Lot
Mountain View LotNoNo
New West Hubbell No
North County HealthcareNo
Northern Arizona Academy NoNo
Page Landfill
Page Landfill / Former BOR Landfill
Public Works Yard
Pulliam AirportNoNo
RP ElectricNoNo
Roberts ParcelNoNo
Snowflake Public Swimming PoolNoNo
Snowflake Tire
Solberg CottagesNoNo
USGS Building #s 3, 4 and 6NoNo
WWK Armstrong ParcelNoNo
Winslow City Council Chambers NoNoNoNo
Young T Company

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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

There are no Redevelopments for this Cooperative Agreement.

Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Leveraged Funding:
NOTE: Funding marked for deletion not included in totals

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