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Profile Information

515 North 9th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85701
32.228273 / -110.973658
Woo, Wallace

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Property Location

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Property Progress

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CAs Associated with this Property

CA NameCA #StateTypeAnnouncement Year
Tucson - Environmental Services, City of BF00T50201AZAssessment2010
Tucson, City ofBF96955901AZAssessment2005

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Assessment Activities at this Property

ActivityEPA FundingStart DateCompletion DateCAAccomplishment Counted?Counted When?
Cleanup Planning$12,541.0009/30/201410/30/2014Tucson, City ofN
Phase I Environmental Assessment$2,480.0006/03/200808/13/2008Tucson, City ofNFY09
Phase II Environmental Assessment$15,490.0008/01/201410/14/2014Tucson, City ofN
Phase II Environmental Assessment10/22/200804/22/2009Tucson, City ofN
Supplemental Assessment$4,380.0006/02/200806/12/2008Tucson - Environmental Services, City of YFY09

Is Cleanup Necessary? Yes
EPA Assessment Funding: $34,891.00
Leveraged Funding: $12,390.00
Total Funding: $47,281.00

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Contaminants and Media

Other Metals
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up
NOT Cleaned up

Cleanup Activities

There are no current cleanup activities.

Cleanup/Treatment Implemented:
Cleanup/Treatement Categories:
Addl Cleanup/Treatment info:
Address of Data Source:
Total ACRES Cleaned Up: .45
Number of Cleanup Jobs Leveraged:
EPA Cleanup Funding:
Leveraged Funding:
Cost Share Funding:
Total Funding:

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Institutional and Engineering Controls

Proprietary Controls
A fence is in place around the contaminated soil.

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Redevelopment and Other Leveraged Accomplishments

Start DateLeveraged FundingCACompletion Date
01/30/2015$10,000.00Tucson, City of

Number of Redevelopment Jobs Leveraged:
Actual Acreage of Greenspace Created:
Leveraged Funding:

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Additional Property Attributes

Recently a community garden was being developed on the site by neighbors however, stained soil was discovered during excavation work on the site and the community garden project was put on hold. The City of Tucson's consultant performed a limited soil assessment in June 2008 which identified concentrations of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs, lead and mercury that exceeded regulatory cleanup levels.

Former Use: currently vacant lot, which adjoins sites that have historically consisted of fuel and feed companies, freight, transfer and storage etc. and is ajacent to the rail road tracks / residential then storage area for tractor trailers and possibly other materials / Julia and Edwin BArlett, LA and Lillian Romaine, Bertha Kavanaugh and Barbara Downey, Bruce and Clementine Dixon
Commercial (.45)
Hazardous & Petroleum

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