Map Projects by Watershed

The map below shows nonpoint source (NPS) projects by watershed. The size of the watershed displayed depends on the map scale; at the national and state level, the NPS projects are summarized by large hydroregions (2 digit HUCs), at the regional level, by subbasins (8 digit HUCs), and at the local level, by subwatershed (12 digit HUCs).

Any watershed with NPS projects will contain a red marker—hover over this marker to get project information for that watershed. For additional help, please refer to our instructions page.
You can also narrow your search with the map filters.

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Map Filters

Use the filters below to narrow down your search. Once you have selected your filter criteria, click the Refresh Map button. The Watershed markers will update with the results of your query. Please Note: the filters do not zoom in to a location on the map. Use the Find button on the map to zoom in to a State or a place of interest.