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    Fiscal Year

    StateFiscal YearProj#Title 
    AK201501 Project: Improving Water Quality in Anchorage's Waterbodies[View]
    AK201502 Project: Clean Boating in the Susitna Valley and Cook Inlet[View]
    AK201503 Project: Monitoring Stormwater Discharges in Cordova[View]
    AK201504 Project: Jordan Creek Rain Garden and Snow Barrier Fence[View]
    AK201505 Project: Fairbanks Complete Streets Construction[View]
    AK201506 Project: Project Green Map[View]
    AK201507 Project: Sawmill Creek Low Impact Development Demonstration[View]
    AK201508 Project: State NPS Staff Time[View]
    AK201509 Project: Clean Boating on the Salcha[View]
    AK201510 Project: Stormwater Analysis on Cottonwood Creek[View]
    AL201501 Project: Administration and Management of Alabama’s FY2016 Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Program Funds[View]
    AL201502 Project: Statewide Surface Water Quality Monitoring of Priority Wadeable Streams and Rivers[View]
    AL201503 Project: Surface Water Quality Assessment of Rivers, Reservoirs and Tributary Embayments on a Statewide Rotation[View]
    AL201504 Project: Alabama Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (Phase III: Coastal Alabama Onsite Septage Inspection Project)[View]
    AL201505 Project: The Alabama Clean Water Partnership: A Holistic Management Approach to Protecting and Restoring Watershed Health and Improving Water Quality[View]
    AL201506 Project: D’Olive Creek Sub-Watershed Management Project at Stream Segments DAF-1 and DAF-1A[View]
    AL201507 Project: Moores Creek Watershed Management Project - Phase 2[View]
    AL201508 Project: Upper and Lower Flint River Watersheds Management Plan Implementation Project[View]
    AL201509 Project: Shoal and Swan Creek Watershed Restoration Project[View]
    AL201510 Project: West Flint Creek Watershed Restoration Project – Phase 3[View]
    AL201511 Project: Bioinfiltration Swale Implementation on USA Campus Meisler Commons in the Upper Three Mile Creek Watershed[View]
    AL201512 Project: Implementation of the Watershed Management Plan for D’Olive Creek, Tiawasee Creek, and Joe’s Branch Watershed – Modification to the transition between step pool stormwater conveyance and restored tributary JB[View]
    AL201513 Project: Swan and French Mill Creek Watershed Restoration Project[View]
    AL201514 Project: Statewide Implementation of Watershed Steward Program - Phase 2[View]
    AL201515 Project: Tiawasee Creek Watershed Management Project[View]
    AR201501 Project: Water Quality Monitoring for the L’Anguille Watershed (Hydrologic Unit Code 08020205)[View]
    AR201502 Project: Water Quality Monitoring for the Lake Conway Point Remove Watershed (Hydrologic Unit Code 11110203)[View]
    AR201503 Project: Water Quality Monitoring in the Upper Illinois River Watershed and Upper White River Basin[View]
    AR201504 Project: Lake Atalanta Sediment Reduction and LID Demonstration Project[View]
    AR201505 Project: Boone County Beaver Reservoir Watershed Project[View]
    AR201506 Project: Cross County-L’Anguille River Watershed Water Quality Project[View]
    AR201507 Project: Implementing Green Infrastructure Elements for Enhanced Water Quality In the Illinois River Watershed[View]
    AR201508 Project: Connecting NPS Management to Receiving Streams through BMP Education and Demonstration[View]
    AR201509 Project: Cover Crop Education and Demonstration Project for the Bayou Bartholomew Watershed [View]
    AR201510 Project: Strawberry River Sub Watershed Project[View]
    AR201511 Project: Arkansas Silvicultural Non-point Source (NPS) Project[View]
    AR201512 Project: 2015-2017 Ongoing Support for Arkansas NPS Pollution Management Plan[View]
    AR201513 Project: Supplemental Cost Share Program[View]
    AR201514 Project: 2019 Nonpoint Source Management Planning and Project Review Meeting[View]
    AR201515 Project: Water Quality Monitoring for the Upper Saline River[View]
    AR201516 Project: Bayou Meto SWAT Modeling[View]
    AZ201501 Project: Running N Bar Erosion Control [View]
    AZ201501 Project: A Reduction of Sediment and Fecal Coliform Inputs to the Gila River Watershed, Hualapai Indian Reservation, Arizona [View]
    AZ201501 Project: FY 2017 CWA Section 319-Tribal NPS Grant Proposal[View]
    AZ201501 Project: Ojo Encino Chapter Nonpoint Source Sediment Pollution Reduction to Range Management Unit 18 within the Upper Torreon Wash and the Arroyo Chico Sub-basin Watershed Based Plan[View]
    AZ201502 Project: Horseshoe Draw - E. coli Reduction to the San Pedro[View]
    AZ201503 Project: San Francisco and Blue Rivers E. coli Reduction [View]
    AZ201504 Project: Slaughterhouse Gulch Channel Restoration [View]
    AZ201505 Project: Sheet Erosion and E. coli Mitigation at Sands Ranch[View]
    AZ201506 Project: Oak Creek Erosion Control Project - Schnebly Hill Road [View]