Welcome to GuideME. This site provides the Toxics Release Inventory guidance to assist you with reporting for your facility.

Does my facility need to report?
If a facility meets all three of the criteria below, it must report for each chemical for which the reporting requirement is triggered:
  1. Is in a covered industry sector (e.g., manufacturing, mining, electric power generation, etc.). More info
  2. Employs 10 or more full-time equivalent employees. More info
  3. Manufactures, processes, or otherwise uses a TRI-listed chemical in the quantities above threshold levels in a given year. More info for chemical activity thresholds. View covered chemicals and chemical categories and their threshold levels.
The Threshold Screening Tool is a step-by-step questionnaire to help you determine if your facility needs to report to TRI.

What information does GuideME provide?
Additional Assistance
See the TRI Program Contacts, which includes regulatory support for GuideME.