Chemical Detail

Chemical NameVanadium (except when contained in an alloy)
Qualifierexcept when contained in an alloy
Synonym(s)Vanadium element | Vanadium-51
De minimis Limit %1
M,P/OU Threshould (lb)25,000/10,000
Listing TypeIndividually listed chemical
Effective Date2000-01-01
Chemical QualifierYes
Chemical of Special ConcernNo
Per- or Polyfluoroalkyl SubstanceNo
Structural image
Structural representation of Vanadium (except when contained in an alloy)

Rulemaking Changes Affecting This Chemical

StatusEffective Reporting YearFR Proposed RuleFR Final Rule
Modified 200064 FR 688 (1/5/1999)64 FR 58666 (10/29/1999)