Chemical Detail

Chemical NameEthylenebisdithiocarbamic acid, salts and esters
Category IDN171
Category DescriptionIncludes any unique chemical substance that contains an EBDC or an EBDC salt as part of that chemical’s infrastructure.
De minimis Limit %1
M,P/OU Threshould (lb)25,000/10,000
Listing TypeChemical category
Effective Date1994-01-01
Chemical QualifierNo
Chemical of Special ConcernNo
Per- or Polyfluoroalkyl SubstanceNo
Structural image
Structural representation of Ethylenebisdithiocarbamic acid, salts and esters

Rulemaking Changes Affecting This Chemical

StatusEffective Reporting YearFR Proposed RuleFR Final Rule
Added199457 FR 41020 (9/8/1992)58 FR 63500 (12/1/1993)