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The table below shows all TRI-listed non-PFAS (593) and PFAS (176) toxic chemicals, chemical categories (33), and individually listed chemicals within chemical categories (83). Pre-defined reports are stored in the dropdown adjacent to the Search button. Users may customize the report using the Filter and Select Columns tools available in the Actions button. Clicking the hyperlinked CASRN will bring up a chemical detail page.

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“Color Index” indicated by “C.I.”
* There are no de minimis % limit for chemicals of special concern, except for supplier notification purposes (see Supplier Notification Requirements).
De minimis % limit for the following chemical categories is as indicated below.
Arsenic Compounds: inorganic compounds: 0.1; organic compounds: 1.0 Chromium Compounds: chromium VI compounds: 0.1; other chromium compounds: 1.0 Cobalt Compounds: cobalt compounds that release cobalt ions in vivo: 0.1, all other cobalt compounds: 1.0 Polychlorinated alkanes (C10 to C13): 1.0, except for those members of the category that have an average chain length of 12 carbons and contain an average chlorine content of 60% by weight which are subject to the 0.1% de minimis M,P/OU is short for Manufacture, Process, or Otherwise Use and refers to the activity levels that trigger the TRI reporting requirements.
The M,P/OU reporting thresholds for lead when contain in stainless steel, brass or bronze alloys are 25,000/10,000 lb and the de minimis level is 0.1%, for lead not in such alloys the MPOU reporting thresholds are 100/100 and there is no de minimis level.