Question # 42

42. An airplane engine repair shop (not in a covered NAICS code) owns an auxiliary facility at a separate location that does metal plating for the engine repair shop and other unrelated facilities (in a covered NAICS code). Would the plating facility be exempt?
This facility would be considered a separate operating establishment conducting a manufacturing activity. It would, therefore, need to make the employee and activity threshold determinations and report, if appropriate, because it falls within a covered NAICS code.

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Question # 42 Source EPCRA Section 313 Questions & Answers 2019 Consolidation Document (PDF)(413 pp, 2.4 MB, April 2019)
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Category 1. Determining Whether or Not to Report: Facility Subcategory 1.H. Auxiliary Facilities
Keyword(s) NAICS (Industry Code), Reporting Responsibility
Prior Q&A [Archived] Question Number 232, 1998 EPCRA 313 Q&A
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