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43. A reclamation center collects and sorts scrap metal received from many different facilities owned by the same corporate entity. This corporate entity also performs the reclamation center’s payroll. Is this reclamation center considered an auxiliary facility and therefore subject to EPCRA section 313 reporting requirements?
No. For the purposes of EPCRA section 313, auxiliary facilities are primarily engaged in performing support services for another facility, or establishment of a primary company. In general, the company performs the auxiliary facility’s basic administrative services (e.g. filing paperwork, performing payroll activities, or employing the auxiliary facility’s administrative staff). In addition, auxiliary facilities perform an integral role in the primary company’s activities. Both of these factors must be present to establish an auxiliary facility. Because reclamation is not integral to the primary company’s activities, the reclamation center does not play an integral role in the primary company’s operations and it would not be considered an auxiliary facility. Note that the NAICS system does not recognize the concept of auxiliary facilities and assigns NAICS codes to all establishments based on their own activities. For the purpose of establishing consistency with the NAICS classification methodology, EPA changed its interpretation of the applicability of TRI reporting requirements to auxiliary facilities. As a result, some auxiliary establishments will no longer be subject to TRI reporting.

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