Question # 530

530. Although the category of glycol ethers requires reporting under Section 313, does diethylene glycol require reporting?
Diethylene glycol is not subject to reporting. Glycol ethers, with the following structure, are reportable: R - (OCH2CH2)n - OR’, where:
n = 1, 2, or 3; R = alkyl C7 or less, or R = phenyl or alkyl substituted phenyl; R’ = H or alkyl C7 or less; or OR’, consisting of a carboxylic acid ester, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, or sulfonate.
The R groups for this structure are unsubstituted alkyl or aryl groups. For diethylene glycol, neither R nor R’ contain alkyl or aryl groups and thus it is not subject to reporting under Section 313. For more information refer to EPA’s document entitled, Toxics Release Inventory: List of Toxic Chemicals Within the Glycol Ethers Category (EPA-745-R-95-006).