Question # 539

539. Asbestos, with CAS number 1332-21-4, is a listed toxic chemical under Section 313. The synonym list does not contain reportable asbestos forms. A covered facility uses the following forms of asbestos and would like to know if they are reportable: Actinolite (CAS number 77536-66-4), Amosite (CAS number 12172-73-5), Anthophyllite (CAS number 17068-78-9), Chrysotile (CAS number 12001-29-5), Crocidolite (CAS number 12001-28-4), and Tremolite (CAS number 77536-68-6).
The Section 313 listing for asbestos (CAS number 1332-21-4) includes specific forms of asbestos, such as those mentioned above, that have their own individual CAS numbers. Therefore, those types of asbestos are reportable as long as they are manufactured, processed, or otherwise used in the friable form.