Question # 721

721. A facility must complete and submit a TRI report if it has 10 or more full time employee equivalents; is included in a covered North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code; and exceeds the manufacturing, processing, or otherwise use threshold under EPCRA section 313. If a facility reduces the amount of a TRI toxic chemical that it manufactures, processes, or otherwise uses below the relevant chemical activity threshold through source reduction, is there a way for the facility to highlight this reduction?
The facility may voluntarily choose to report the source reduction without filing a Form R by using TRI-MEweb’s “Not Reporting?” feature. If the facility fell below the reporting threshold for one or more chemicals due to source reduction, the facility can provide comments about its source reduction activities when completing this section. The public will be able to access this information using the TRI Pollution Prevention Tool. Additional information about pollution prevention and TRI is available at: