Question # 741

741. Does my facility need to submit a paper TRI form to my state or tribal authority?
Facilities that use TRI-MEweb and reside in a state or tribal country participating in the TRI Data Exchange (TDX) will have their forms sent simultaneously to EPA and their respective state/tribe via TDX. Please be aware that if your facility does not reside in a state/tribe participating in TDX, any forms submitted via TRI-MEweb will not automatically be sent to the state/tribe. After these facilities submit their reports to EPA via TRI-MEweb, they can use TRI-MEweb to print a submission for the state/tribe on paper, diskette, CD, or DVD. To verify the preferred method of submission for each state or tribe, go to the TRI State Programs website at:, or the TRI Tribal Contacts website at:

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