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745. How do I access my facility's forms in TRI-MEweb without the facility's access key?
Access keys are sent via email from CDX at the beginning of the year to the prior year’s certifying officials and technical contacts of reporting facilities. TRI filers may also request their access keys be e-mailed to their CDX-registered e-mail within the TRI-MEweb application. If you do not have the facility's access key, TRI-MEweb offers filers another way to add a facility if you have information about that facility from the prior year’s reporting, including your facility's TRI facility identification number (TRIFID), technical contact name from the previous year's report, and technical contact phone number. TRI-MEweb will indicate that it has granted you access to the facility, and you may prepare the submission for that facility. TRI-MEweb will also display the list of individuals that have been granted access to that facility.

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