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749. Will facilities be able to print paper copies of reports using TRI-MEweb?
The Electronic Reporting Rule, effective January 21, 2014, requires facilities to submit, revise, and withdraw non-trade secret TRI forms electronically via TRI-MEweb application. Facilities cannot use TRI-MEweb to print federal paper submissions to submit to EPA. However, TRI-MEweb does allow facilities to print a copy of the submitted TRI form for recordkeeping purposes (this form is clearly marked as not allowed to be filed manually to EPA). Facilities may print a copy of a Form R or Form A Certification Statement for recordkeeping purposes via the “Submission History” tab. The “Submission Summary” page will display only the forms which have been certified and submitted to EPA. Select “View Reports” to access your Copy of Record of your Form R or Form A Certification Statement.

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