Question # 753

753. How can a preparer or certifying official confirm within TRI-MEweb that the Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) has been received and processed for approval?
A preparer or certifying official can check the status of an ESA on TRI-MEweb. All facilities that have been added to TRI-MEweb by the preparer are on the “Manage Facilities” page under the “Facility Management” tab. The “ESA Status” column will indicate each person who has been authorized to access that facility’s account through the “View User” link: a) If the status is “Sign CDX ESA”, the facility’s certifying official has not processed the ESA form. b) If the status is “CDX ESA Pending Approval,” then the certifying official has printed their ESA form, but it is on its way via postal mail to the Data Processing Center or is still being processed. c) If the status is “Sign TRIFID Signature Agreement,” then the new certifying official has an approved ESA form but has neither associated the TRI Facility Identification number (TRIFID) nor provided their job title in TRI-MEweb. A preparer or certifying official may also contact the TRI Data Processing Center at (703) 227-7644 to verify the status of an ESA. The certifying official should also verify that the form was properly mailed to the DPC’s current address, which is available under the “Contact Us” page on the TRI website.

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