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757. How do I add the certifier role for TRI-MEweb to my CDX user account?
To add the TRI-MEweb Certifying Official role to an existing CDX user account, follow these steps: 1) Log in to your CDX account at to open your MyCDX account page and click on "Manage Your Program Services" link. 2) Under TRI-MEweb, request a new role by selecting and adding “certifying official.” 3) Verify your identity. This is either done online by correctly answering personal identifying information or by printing, signing, and mailing in a paper Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) form to EPA’s Data Processing Center (DPC). Completing the online process will provide you immediate access to TRI-MEweb. If you submit a paper ESA then the TRI-MEweb link will remain deactivated and inaccessible until the ESA is processed and approved by the DPC. Additional information is available in a series of TRI-MEweb tutorials available on the TRI website at:

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