Question # 760

760. How do I certify TRI forms prepared via TRI-MEweb?
Newly designated certifying officials must create a new Central Data Exchange (CDX) account, add TRI-MEweb to their CDX account, and complete an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) and a TRI Facility Identification number (TRIFID) Signature Agreement before any pending forms can be certified. The “Pending Signature” section in TRI-MEweb indicates the facilities for which a certifying official must sign a TRIFID Signature Agreement by following the prompts on TRI-MEweb. Certifying officials may also add additional TRI facilities by clicking on the “Add Facility” button. Returning certifying officials will receive an email from CDX when a form has been submitted and requires their certification. Before certifying pending forms, the certifying official can view the error reports through the “Summary Reports” page. If the certifying official detects that a correction is needed on the form, the certifying official may return the form to the preparer. Note that returning a submission does not remove the data from TRI-MEweb; this just allows the preparer to make any corrections and resubmit the form for certification. Otherwise, the certifying official may certify and submit the form to EPA. A notification will be sent from CDX to the certifying official's registered e-mail account confirming that the form’s certification has been completed, along with the certification time stamp. It is important to ensure that the certifying official's e-mail address associated with their CDX account is kept up to date as correspondence regarding TRI submissions is sent to the certifying official's registered e-mail address. If a certifying official wishes to update their e-mail address or job title, these changes can be made by in the “Profile” window on the My TRI welcome page, or contacting the CDX Helpdesk by phone (888-890-1995) or e-mail (

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