Question # 766

766. Certifying officials with an approved CDX ESA must complete a TRI Facility Identification number (TRIFID) Signature Agreement for each facility for which they will certify TRI forms in TRI-MEweb. If the company name changes, does the certifying official have to update the TRIFID Signature Agreement?
A TRIFID Signature Agreement authorizes a certifying official to represent a facility that is submitting TRI data to EPA under a specific TRIFID. Therefore, certifying officials with an approved ESA would only need to submit a new TRIFID Signature Agreement if they are going to certify TRI forms for an additional facility. A change in company name, mailing address, phone number, job title, or e-mail address would not require an update to the TRIFID Signature Agreement, if the facility's TRIFID remains the same and has not changed its physical location.

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