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770. If a facility previously submitted a TRI reporting form but no longer meets the applicability criteria (e.g., the facility closed and did not exceed activity thresholds), how does the facility notify EPA that the facility is no longer subject to TRI?
The facility can use TRI-MEweb to indicate that your facility will no longer be reporting to TRI, or will not be submitting a form for one or more specific TRI-listed chemicals for the current reporting year. The facility can submit this information without filing a TRI form or certifying this information. In TRI-MEweb’s “Facilities Management” page, the “Not Reporting?” option can indicate if the facility will not be submitting one or more TRI reporting forms for the current reporting year. Alternatively, facilities may submit an e-mail to the TRI Data Processing Center (DPC). The e-mail should include the facility name; TRI facility identification number (TRIFID); facility address; technical contact name and telephone number; and, the reason why the facility is not submitting a TRI reporting form (e.g., failed to trigger a reporting threshold) or is no longer subject to TRI (e.g., facility closed, process modifications, production changes, product elimination or substitution). If the facility closed, the e-mail should also specify the date of closure. Contact information for the TRI DPC is available here:

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