Question # 775

775. How are Toxics Release Inventory Facility Identification Numbers (TRIFID) established?
A TRIFID is established when a facility owner or operator first submits a TRI Form R or Form A for a particular location. The facility retains this identification number even if the facility changes ownership, name, production processes, or NAICS codes. A facility owner or operator that needs to inquire whether the facility’s location has been assigned a TRIFID in past reporting years should contact the CDX Help Desk at (888) 890-1995 or the Regional TRI Coordinator, or search for the TRIFID or location on the Envirofacts Web site at: A facility owner or operator filing a first-time submission should request a TRIFID within TRI-MEweb, and a new TRIFID will be assigned automatically. To request a TRIFID, open TRI-MEweb, select the “My Facilities” tab, and click on the “Access/Add Facility” button. From this page, select the “I will be transmitting reports for a facility that has not previously transmitted TRI data” option, click “Next” and follow the instructions. Print the TRI-MEweb page that displays your new TRIFID and access key for future reporting.