Question # 784

784. Section 4.6 of Part I of the TRI Form R and Form A asks for the facility’s Dun & Bradstreet number. What is a Dun & Bradstreet number? How can someone completing the Form R or Form A find the Dun & Bradstreet number for the facility?
A Dun & Bradstreet number, commonly referred to as a DUNS number, is a nine-digit, location-specific, business code assigned by Dun & Bradstreet. The DUNS number is a unique number that financially identifies individual businesses, while linking them with their corporate family structures. The Dun & Bradstreet number may be available from the facility’s treasurer or financial officer. Facilities can also contact Dun & Bradstreet directly at 800-234-3867 or to obtain a facility’s number, or to create a new number if the facility does not currently have a number. Please note for Reporting Years 1991-2004, Section 4.6 of Part I requested a facility’s latitude and longitude. During this time, the DUNS number was located in Section 4.7 of Part I of the Forms.