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806. How do I withdraw my data using TRI-MEweb?
Facilities that filed a TRI Form R or Form A Certification Statement may submit their requests to EPA to withdraw the data from EPA's database (i.e., the Toxics Release Inventory Processing System (TRIPS)) and public versions of the database (e.g., Envirofacts and TRI Explorer) for a form that was previously submitted. If EPA withdraws the submission, the chemical release record will be permanently deleted from the public databases and cannot be restored afterwards. Some specific types of form revisions require a withdrawal of the facility’s submission. For example, if a facility wishes to change the chemical name and CAS number of a previously certified report, they must first withdraw the submission that has the incorrect chemical name and then prepare a new report with the correct chemical name and CAS number associated with it. For only this type of revision, a withdrawal and subsequent revision of a chemical name and CAS number on a TRI form will result in the loss of the original submission date. In order to have a submission deleted from the TRI database, facilities must use TRI-MEweb to submit their withdrawal request to EPA and the appropriate state/tribal agency. To submit a TRI form withdrawal request, enter the “Form Submitted” section to select the form you would like to be withdrawn. You can also provide optional information for what prompted the withdrawal. All withdrawal requests need to be certified by the certifying official. TRI-MEweb will notify you that the form has been sent to CDX for processing. After a request for withdrawal has been submitted, an e-mail will be sent to both the certifying official and the preparer with instructions for certifying the pending submission. Additional information on how to withdraw TRI submissions, including a list of withdrawal codes, is provided in the Reporting Forms and Instructions. A tutorial on withdrawing submitted forms (“Form Review, Revise, or Withdraw”) is available at:

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