Question # 881

881. Are there any reference tools that can help a facility determine if it is subject to TRI reporting?
EPA has developed the TRI Threshold Screening Tool to assist facilities in making applicability determinations. The Threshold Screening Tool uses a step-by-step questionnaire to assist facilities in determining whether they meet or exceed established facility, employee, and activity thresholds, and thus, whether they are required to submit a TRI report. As a reference tool, the TRI Threshold Screening Tool is only intended to help facilities determine whether they are required to report TRI data. It does not conclusively determine whether a facility is legally obligated to report TRI data, nor does it conclusively indicate whether an exemption might apply to the facility. Information entered into the TRI Threshold Screening Tool will not be pre-populated into forms that may be required for submission via TRI-MEweb. For this reason, it is suggested that users print out the Threshold Screening Report on the Summary Threshold Screening page in the tool for reference when completing their TRI forms. The Threshold Screening Tool is available at the following URL: