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897. What is myRight-to-know or myRTK?
The myRight-to-Know tool is an EPA Web application designed for mobile devices. The application takes existing EPA information and packages it in a format and with a level of detail that is appropriate for mobile devices and mobile users. The myRTK tool can map any location or address, showing nearby facilities that report to TRI, as well as large permit holders under the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act that are expected to produce, manage, or release TRI-reportable chemicals. The application compares individual facility releases to releases by other facilities in the county, as well as to other facilities in the same industrial sector. In addition to helping mobile users locate and identify nearby facilities, the tool describes what chemicals are released into the air, water, and land; the health effects associated with these chemicals; and the facility’s history of compliance with environmental laws. The current version of the application works well on i-Phone, Droids 2.0 and higher, Firefox and Chrome browsers. A new multi-platform version, currently under development, will work on newer Blackberry phones, most other web enabled phones and the Internet Explorer browser.Additional information about this mobile application is available at the following URL:

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