Question # 955

955. A printing shop within a federal facility uses cylinders of ammonia gas in blueprint machines. The shop uses a total of 12,000 pounds per year in this operation and does not “manufacture”, “process,” or “otherwise use” any other quantities of ammonia. Is the quantity of ammonia used in the blueprint machines equivalent to an office supply item and exempt from the reporting requirements of EPCRA section 313 because of the “personal use” exemption?
No. Blueprint machines are not considered typical office supply items, and, therefore, the chemicals used in them do not meet the criteria for the “personal use” exemption under EPCRA section 313 (see 40 CFR Section 372.38(c)(3)). Because the federal facility uses 12,000 pounds per year of ammonia, the facility exceeds the 10,000-pound “otherwise use” threshold and must report for ammonia.