1997 EPCRA 313 Q&A, Question # 288

288. In the Federal Register, (53 FR 4538; February 16, 1988) EPA describes cyanide compounds as X+CN- where X=H+ or any other group where a formal dissociation may occur; examples are KCN and Ca(CN)2. Are cyanide compounds that do not dissociate reportable?
Cyanide compounds that do not dissociate are not reportable. However, dissociable cyanide compounds are not limited to the simple salts. Rather this category includes all cyanide compounds for which dissociation upon release to the environment is expected to occur.

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Category 3. Determining Whether or Not to Report: Listed Toxic Chemicals Subcategory 3.B. Toxic Chemical-Specific Questions-Compound and Compound Categories
Keyword(s) Chemical Qualifier, Cyanide Compounds
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