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104. Acetonitrile was included on the original list of chemicals subject to the reporting requirements under EPCRA §313; however, EPA has since received two petitions to have it removed from the list of covered chemicals. What is the status of the most recent petition for the removal of acetonitrile from the list of chemicals subject to reporting requirements under EPCRA §313?
On March 5, 2013, EPA published a notice in the Federal Register denying the petition to remove acetonitrile from the list of chemicals subject to TRI reporting requirements (78 FR 14241). After reviewing the available data on this chemical, EPA determined that acetonitrile does not meet the deletion criterion of EPCRA §313(d)(3). Specifically, EPA denied the petition because after a review of both the petition and available information, the Agency concluded that acetonitrile meets the listing criterion of EPCRA §313(d)(2)(B) due to its potential to cause death in humans. Further information about the petition is available at the following URL:

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