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132. I need to load my facility account in TRI-MEweb, where can I find the access key assigned to my facility ID?
Some facilities may need to obtain their assigned six or seven-digit "access key" that will uniquely identify the facility’s reporting history record and load it into TRI-MEweb. Access keys are generated for each TRI facility identification designator (TRIFID). Access keys do not change from year to year. TRI-MEweb provides chemical release data that has been reported to EPA back to Reporting Year 1991 in each facility account. If another user at your facility has already loaded the facility into their TRI-MEweb account, they may provide you with the facility access key, which is visible from the “Manage Facilities” page. You can have the access key emailed to you via the TRI-MEweb application after entering and verifying the TRIFID. You can also obtain your facility access key by calling the CDX Helpdesk at 888-890-1995 or emailing the Helpdesk at The following people may need to request an access key: - New preparers that have created a new CDX account and will transmit TRI forms for a facility that has reported TRI chemical releases to EPA in the past. - Preparers that want to add an unlisted facility to their TRI-MEweb account. - Preparers that have accidentally deleted facility profiles from their TRI-MEweb account. - If a facility has not previously reported to the TRI Program, a TRIFID and access key will be automatically generated within the TRI-MEweb application. Note: If your facility has changed ownership during the past calendar year, the TRIFID remains the same because this identification number is assigned to the physical location and not to a specific company or proprietor. If the TRIFID remains the same, the access key does not change.

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