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191. I am a new preparer/certifying official. How do I start using TRI-MEweb?
TRI-MEweb is EPA's only tool for industry to submit EPCRA Section 313 reports. You will need to create a CDX user account to get started with your TRI reporting. You may use the two guides below to 1) get step-by-step instructions on how to create your new user account in CDX, 2) learn how to add TRI-MEweb to your MyCDX account, and 3) learn how to use your access key to load your facility data into TRI-MEweb to start preparing your TRI forms. The second guide provides instructions for newly-designated certifying officials on how to get their Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) approved and the TRIFID Signature Agreement electronically signed in TRI-MEweb, so that a new certifying official can certify pending forms transmitted by the preparer. To meet your TRI reporting requirement, all forms must be certified before July 1. TRI-MEweb Guides - Getting Started Preparer Person who prepares, but is not authorized to certify, TRI forms for submission. Certifying Official Person with management responsibility for the person(s) preparing TRI forms, or the manager of environmental programs for the facility or corporation that is responsible for certifying prepared forms in TRI-MEweb. The certifying official may also prepare TRI forms. Guide name Does this guide apply to you? Guide download Guide 1: How to add TRI-MEweb and add a new facility profile to an existing preparer's CDX account. Are you the preparer? Yes, I will be preparing my facility's TRI forms Do you have a CDX user account? No, I do not have a CDX user account Do you need to add a facility account in TRI-MEweb? No, how do I do that in TRI-MEweb? Guide 1 (PDF) (10 pp, 385K, About PDF) Guide 2: How to add a role in CDX, add a new facility profile, and obtain and add an ESA to a new certifying official's CDX account. Are you a newly-designated Certifying Official? Yes, I am a new Certifying Official Do you have a CDX user account? No, I do not have an account, nor have I submitted or signed an ESA or a TRIFID Signature Agreement Do you need to add a facility account into TRI-MEweb to pre-populate your current year forms with priori year data? Yes, I need to load my facility account in TRI-MEweb Guide 2 (PDF) (11 pp, 405K, About PDF) On-line tutorials are available and are designed to demonstrate how different tasks are performed within the TRI-MEweb application reporting tool. To watch a tutorial, go to the TRI-MEweb tutorial web page.

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