Emergency Exemption Database

This online Emergency Exemption database provides information about actions received within the last 10 years for pesticide Emergency Exemptions (requests from State or Federal agencies for unregistered pesticide uses, when there are no adequate tools (including alternative registered pesticide uses) to address an emergency condition. Read more about Emergency Exemptions. This database is updated monthly.

Search the Database

The database may be searched by a specific Chemical, Site, Pest, Applicant, or Date Range (received); or any combination of these terms. For the first 4 items, enter the first few letters and then select from the drop-down boxes. For the dates, use the calendar drop-down to select.

You may further filter, format, or download the content of your search results by clicking on "Actions" at the top of the screen for a drop-down menu. You may also sort or refine (filter) the results using the individual column information by clicking on the column headings for options.

(A complete listing of the database may be viewed by leaving all search boxes blank and clicking on the "Search" button.)

As of June 22, 2020 - The Emergency Exemption database now includes usage allowed for newer entries; some older entries may not contain this information.