Active Pesticide Product Registration Informational Listing (APPRIL)

This online database provides information on active (and canceled) Section 3 and Supplemental Registrations (distributor products). This database is updated daily.

Search the Database

The database may be initially searched by any combination of a registration numbers, product name wildcard search, company numbers, company names, active ingredients, registration date range, and a combination of multiple sites and pests. A complete listing of the database may be viewed by leaving all search boxes blank and clicking on the "Search" button.

After the results are displayed (by default - active registrations only, newer registrations first) , you may further filter, format, or download the content of your search results by clicking on the "Actions" button at the top of the screen or by clicking on the the report column headings for additional search, sort, formatting and help options.

There can be a slight delay between registration of a product and the posting of its label, site/pest information, and alternate brand names. Distributor product labels are not posted by the EPA.

The APPRIL User Guide can be found here

APPRIL Data Dump (Excel file - refreshed Mondays) including site & pest information can be found here

REST API services information can be found here

Please contact APPRIL Support for technical support, or the relevant product manager for data-quality related questions.