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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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-Review of Experimental Use Permit Application for Corn Expressing delta-endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki from Ciba Seeds EPA Reg. No. 66736-EUP-R (PDF, 6 pp, 417K)John KoughScience Analysis Branch-
09/30/1998Study Type: Determination of potential for subletha effects on Chrysoperla carnea (green lacewing) fed on Bt corn consuming prey. MRID: None. (PDF, 5 pp, 320K)Zig VaituzisBiopesticides & Pollution Prevention Div-
11/14/1996Review of Product characterization, Acute Oral Toxicity and In vitro Digestibility for Dekalb's Corn Expressing the Cry IA(c) Delta-endotoxin. MRID Nos. 439995-01 thru 05. Registration Data information removed from pages 18-22, 26, 32 & 37. (PDF, 37 pp, 2MB)Michael MendelsohnBiopesticides & Pollution Prevention Div43999501... [More]
06/17/1993Review of Amendment to EUP Application No. 66737-EUP-R "Request for Field Testing of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Cry1A(b) Insect Control Protein as Expressed in Corn Plants" (PDF, 2 pp, 98K)Anthony MaciorowskiEcological Effects Branch-
06/14/1993Review of Information Submitted by D.M. Vlachos,Manager, Biotechnology Product Development, Ciba Seeds, to P. Hutton (PM13) on June 4, 1993, conerning the "Pending EUP applica- tion No. 66737-EUP-R... (PDF, 4 pp, 229K)Leo LaSotaEnvironmental Fate & Ground Water Branch-
05/25/1993Final Technical Consideration of Ciba-Geigy's Resistance Management Plan for Transgenic Corn Experimental Use Permit (PDF, 5 pp, 370K)Janet AndersenPesticide Resistance Management Workgroup-
05/12/1993Review Information submitted from D.A. Vlachos to P. Hutton on April 8, 1993, concerning "Amendments to EUP Application No. 66737-EUP-R, "Request for Field Testing..." (PDF, 3 pp, 213K)Leo LaSotaEnvironmental Fate & Ground Water Branch-
05/04/1993Efficacy review EPA Reg. No. 66736-EUP-R Original application for permit to ship & use transgenic seed for European corn borer control evaluation, plant breeding & research purposes (PDF, 2 pp, 111K)Vern McFarlandInsecticide Rodenticide Branch-
04/15/1993EPA Reg. No. 66736-EUP-R Review data for EUP and comment on adequacy (PDF, 7 pp, 341K)Anthony MaciorowskiEcological Effects Branch-
04/05/1993EPA Reg. No. 66736-EUP-R Experimental Use Permit Biological Fate ("Pollen Dispersal Studies") Pages 33-46 removed-registrant data (PDF, 46 pp, 2MB)Robert PilsuckiEnvironmental Fate & Ground Water Branch-
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