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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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-70-1-Special Test: Acute Toxicity Test with a Freshwater Invertebrates (Chiromus riparius and Hyalella azteca) MRID 440744-01 (PDF, 8 pp, 640K)Miachel RexrodeEcological Effects Branch-
02/24/201128-DAY WHOLE SEDIMENT Leptocheirus plumulosus TOXICITY TEST. Cypermethrin � Toxicity to Estuarine Amphipods (Leptocheirus plumulosus) During a 28-Day Sediment Exposure. DP Barcode: D319265. MRID No.: 465915-03 (PDF, 27 pp, 183K)Justin HousengerOPP/EFED/ERB 546591503
02/24/2011MIDGE 10-DAY TOXICITY STUDY. Cypermethrin - Toxicity to Midge (Chironomus tentans) During a 10-Day Sediment Exposure. MRID No.: 465915-04. DP Barcode: D319265 (PDF, 36 pp, 245K)Amanda SollidayOPP/EFED/ERB 546591504
02/22/2011MIDGE 60-DAY TOXICITY STUDY. Cypermethrin � Life-Cycle Toxicity Test with Midge (Chironomus tentans) During a 60-Day Sediment Exposure. MRID No.: 46725701. DP Barcode: D325932 (PDF, 39 pp, 298K)Keith SappingtonOPP/EFED/ERBV46725701
09/21/2009Study Review - Lisi, P. (1992) Sensitization risk of pyrethroid insecticides. Contact Dermatitis 26:349. DP Barcode: D370157. MRID No.: 47852801. TXR No.: 0055265 (PDF, 3 pp, 129K)Carol ChristensenToxicology and Epidemiology Branch47852801
03/10/2003AQUATIC INVERTEBRATE LIFE CYCLE TEST GUIDELINE 72-4 (B). [14C]b-Cypemethrin-Chronic Toxicity to Mysids (Mysidopsis bahia) Under Flow-Through Conditions. MRID No.: 445460-35. DP Barcode: D246502 (PDF, 21 pp, 1MB)Miachel RexrodeEcological Effects Branch44546035
11/14/1997Risk Assessment for Extension of Tolerances for Synthetic Pyrethroids (PDF, 170 pp, 7MB)
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P. Hurley et. alRAB2/HED-
11/14/1997SYNTHETIC PYRETHROIDS - REVISED Report of the Hazard Identification Assessment Review Committee. (PDF, 13 pp, 815K)Jess RowlandScience Analysis Branch-
03/06/199770-1 - Special Test: Acute Sediment Toxicity Test with a Freshwater Invertebrate (Chironomus tentans). MRID 440744-02 (PDF, 24 pp, 1MB)Miachel RexrodeEcological Effects Branch44074402
03/06/199770-1 - Acute Sediment Toxicity Test with a Freshwater Invertebrate (Hyalella aztec) MRID 440744-06 (PDF, 33 pp, 1MB)Miachel RexrodeEcological Effects Branch-
01/15/1997Dietary Exposure Analysis for Cypermethrin in Support of the Reregistration Eligibility Decision. Attached: DRES (PDF, 14 pp, 702K)Brian SteinwandScience Analysis Branch-
10/29/1996RfD/Peer Review Report of Cypermethrin (PDF, 9 pp, 542K)George GhaliHealth Effects Division-
10/15/1996Occupational and residential Exposure Assessment and Recommendations for the Reregistration Eligibility Decision Document for Cypermethrin (PDF, 28 pp, 2MB)Laura MorrisOccupational & Residential Exposure Br-
09/18/1996EPA Id No.: 109702-019182. Cypermethrin: Review of the rat metabolism studies with C14 label in the aryl or cyclopropyl positions. Executive Summaries and updated DERs for 10 older toxicity studies. Tox review 012057. (continued) (PDF, 142 pp, 6MB)
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John DohertyToxicology Branch-
09/18/1996EPA Id No.: 109702. Cypermethrin: Review of a series 82-4 subchronic inhalation toxicity study in rats and a series 83-3 developmental toxicity study in rabbits. Pages 17-18 removed, registrant data. Tox review 012056. MRID 43507101, 43776301, 43776302. (PDF, 30 pp, 2MB)John DohertyToxicology Branch I43507101... [More]
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