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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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02/14/2008PYRETHRINS: Fourth Report of the Cancer Assessment Review Committee. TXR No.: 0054822 (PDF, 28 pp, 1MB)Jessica KidwellCancer Assessment Review Committee-
08/16/2005Review of Pyrethrins Incident Reports - Second Revision. DP Barcode D320300, Chemical #069001 (PDF, 24 pp, 130K)Jerome BlondellChemistry & Exposure Branch-
04/06/2005Review of Pyrethrins Incident Reports - Revised. DP Barcode D315643, Chemical #069001. (PDF, 23 pp, 994K)Jerome BlondellChemistry & Exposure Branch-
03/15/2004Study 1 Aerobic Soil Metabolism Pages 9-17 removed, registrant data. MRID 43499803 (PDF, 11 pp, 802K)Jose MelendezEnvironmental Risk Branch43499803
05/07/2003Review of acute oral (MRID 45773201) and acute dermal (MRID 45773202) studies with EU1161 (EPA File Symbol 67702-2). (S631088). (PDF, 2 pp, 60K)Roger GardnerBiochemical Pesticides Branch45773201... [More]
05/06/1999Report of the Cancer Assessment Review Committee Tox review 013354 (PDF, 28 pp, 2MB)Sanjivani DiwanHealth Effects Division-
12/30/1997Registration of the End-Use Product. NEU 1161I RTU [Canola Oil + Perythrins (File Symbol 67702-A)] Review of Product Chemistry Data MRID Nos. 440971-01, -02, and -03. Reviews of Waiver Requests for (a) Toxicology and (b) Nontarget Organism, Fate and Expression. DP Barcodes Nos. D233215, D233216. (PDF, 5 pp, 423K)Paul ZubkoffBiochemical Pesticides Branch44097101... [More]
12/15/1997Registration of the End-Use Product. NEU 1161I [Canola Oil + Pyrethrins (File Symbol 67702-L)] containing the active ingredients, Canola Oil (PC Code 011332) and Pyrethrin Extract (PC Code 069001 + 063501). Canola Oil, Pyrethrins contains 89.5% Canola Oil, 2.5% Pyrethrum Extract and 8% Inerts. Review of Product Chemistry Data MRID Nos. 440734-01 and 440769-02 and Toxicology Data MRID Nos. 440769-04, -05, 441577-01, 440769-06, 440769-07; Submission No. S518236; DP Barcode No. D233197. (PDF, 20 pp, 2MB)Paul ZubkoffBiochemical Pesticides Branch44073401... [More]
07/17/1997Product Chemistry Review. REG./File Symbol No.: 499-GIL. Whitmire PT 239 Tri Die Insecticide MRID 42613701. (PDF, 5 pp, 219K)Alfred SmithTechnical Review Branch42613701
06/11/1997EPA Id No.: 069001. Pyrethrins: Review of a chromasome aberration study in CHO cells. DP Barcode: D227458 MRID 43987001 (PDF, 11 pp, 373K)John DohertyToxicology Branch43987001
08/12/1996EPA File Symbol/EPA Reg. No.: 499-450/ULD BP-300 Insecticide (Acute Toxicity Studies). (PDF, 21 pp, 1MB)Carol GlascowRegistration Support Branch-
09/21/1995EPA Id# 069001. Pyrethrins: Minutes of a meeting with the registrant and their consultant to discuss the Carcinogenicity Peer Review Report. (PDF, 2 pp, 115K)John DohertyHealth Effects Division-
06/12/1995Carcinogenicity Peer Review of Pyrethrins (PDF, 15 pp, 1020K)John DohertyToxicology Branch-
06/12/1995RfD/Peer Review Report of Pyrethrins. MRID No. 41496501, 42478201, 41559501, 41559401. Tox review 011579 (PDF, 6 pp, 498K)George Z. GhaliHealth Effects Division41496501... [More]
06/06/1995Pyrethrins TAS Report (PDF, 1 pp, 66K)Health Effects Division--
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