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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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-Effects Determination for Methoprene and the California Red-legged Frog
 Additional ES Files Additional ES Files (California Red-legged Frog and other California Listed Species)
-STUDY TYPE: Fish Early Life-Stage Toxicty Test. Guideline 72-4; Species Tested: fathead minnow. MRID 42811201. (PDF, 5 pp, 174K)Joanne EdwardsEcological Effects Branch42811201
-Methoprene Residue Tolerance in/on Peanuts. PP #1F2496, Caswell No. 28AAA, Accession No. 099993, 099994 Tox review 000997 (PDF, 12 pp, 2MB)George GhaliToxicology Branch-
04/29/2002EPA Reg. No: 2724-UOG Wellmark International / RF 2007 Collar. DP Barcode: D280714. Case No: 070821. MRID Nos. 45588700, 45588701 (PDF, 13 pp, 6MB)Masih HashimTechnical Review Branch45588700... [More]
10/03/1996Reg. No.: 2724-375. (s)-Methoprene Technical. Study Type: Life Cycle - Mysid Shrimp (72-4). MRID 44022101. (PDF, 7 pp, 274K)Paul ForsythOak Ridge National Lab for EEB44022101
05/19/1995Efficacy Evaluation Scheme for Rabon Methoprene 7-Month IGR Flea and Tick Collar (PDF, 1 pp, 132K)OPPEPA-
11/29/1994STUDY TYPE: 154-9. Freshwater Invertebrate Static Acute Toxicity Test. Species Tested: Daphnia magna. Pages 7-9 removed, registrant data. MRID 43163301. (PDF, 9 pp, 206K)Joanne EdwardsEcological Effects Branch43163301
09/04/1994STUDY TYPE: Non-Guideline. Microcosm Study to Evaluate Methoprene Concentrations Over Time. Pages 6-8 removed, registrant data. MRID 42811202. (PDF, 8 pp, 201K)Joanne EdwardsEcological Effects Branch42811202
09/24/1993STUDY TYPE: 72-4. Mysid Life-Cycle Toxicity Test. Species Tested: Mysidopsis bahia. Pages 7-10 removed, registrant data. MRID 42837302. (PDF, 19 pp, 376K)Regina HirschEcological Effects Branch42837302
09/24/1993STUDY TYPE: 72-4. Mysid Life-Cycle Toxicity Test. Species Tested: Mysidopsis bahia. Pages 8-14 removed, registrant data. MRID 42837303. (PDF, 23 pp, 425K)Regina HirschEcological Effects Branch42837303
09/13/1993STUDY TYPE: 72-3. Estuarine Shrimp Acute Flow-Through Toxicity Test. Species Tested: Mysids. Pages 5-6 removed, registrant data. MRID 42837301. (PDF, 8 pp, 202K)Regina HirschEcological Effects Branch42837301
11/23/1991EPA Reg. No. 2724-404. Zoecon RF-322 Ovicidal Pump Spray (PDF, 11 pp, 659K)William S. WoodrowRegistration Support Branch-
07/22/1987IRB/TSS Precautionary Label Review 2724-UNR. New Product Registration. (PDF, 3 pp, 163K)Donna WilliamsInsecticide Rodenticide Branch-
04/01/1985Pesticide Petition No. 4F3103; Methoprene Tolerance on on Cereal Grains. Pages 5-7 removed, draft label. Tox review 004368 (PDF, 7 pp, 431K)George GhaliToxicology Branch-
03/22/1984EPA Registration Number 2724-298. Zoecon RF-200 Pressurized Spray (PDF, 6 pp, 389K)Deloris GrahamFungicide Herbicide Branch-
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