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Inert Use Information | InertFinder | Pesticides | US EPA

InertFinder is an online database for searching substances used as inert ingredients in pesticide products. InertFinder is searchable by chemical name or CAS Registry Number, and provides information on the approval status of substances used as inert ingredients for use in food use, nonfood use and fragrance use pesticide products. [+] More

InertFinder includes information on the following:

  • Status of an inert ingredient under 40 CFR part 180 (including uses and limitations, if any)
  • Status as a nonfood use inert ingredient
  • Status as a component of a fragrance (i.e., inclusion on the OPP Fragrance Ingredient List).

If you have any questions about this database click the Contact Us Icon Contact Us icon in the upper right of the screen to send an email to EPA's Inert Ingredient Assessment Branch.


InertFinder is intended solely to enhance public access to information related to the approval status of substances used as inert ingredients in pesticide products. The user should be aware that while effort is made to ensure that the information in InertFinder is regularly updated and accurate, there are no express or implied guarantees. The Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations remain the official source for regulatory information related to the use of inert ingredients in pesticide products used on food.

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NOTE: InertFinder has been updated to be compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) 11 in addition to Google Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge.
Users of IE may need to clear their browsing history by selecting Tools > Internet Options > Delete under "Browsing History."

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