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The List of Trade Names of Inert Ingredients database is intended solely to enhance public access to information related to the EPA approval status of trade name inert ingredients used in pesticide products. The user should be aware that while every effort is made to ensure that the information in the List of Trade Names of Inert Ingredients database is regularly updated and accurate, there are no express or implied guarantees. EPA encourages pesticide formulators to work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the formulators are fully aware of the EPA approval status of any substance being considered for use as an inert ingredient in a pesticide product prior to submission of an application for pesticide registration under FIFRA.

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LinkManufacturerInert Mixture
910920930940950960Non Food
Other Status
Ethox Chemicals, LLC Ethox 5315Yes------
Limitations for Ethox 5315: No more than 34.9% by weight in a pesticide formulation
Ethox Chemicals, LLC Ethox 5314------Yes
Limitations for Ethox 5314: Food use approved for CST 4 members only; CFR 180.920 with the following limitations: not to exceed 48.5% in herbicide formulations and not to exceed 19.4% in insecticide and fungicide formulations
Oxiteno USA, LLC.SURFOM CS 8902-Yes----- -
The Andersons, Inc.Granlime------- 180.1071
3M3M Ceramic MicrospheresYes-Yes---- -
ADMOptiXan D----Yes-- -
AMCOL International CorporationHectalite 200Yes------ -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyCORRGUARD 90------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyCORRGUARD 75------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAMP-75------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAMP-ULTRA PC 2000------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAMP-ULTRA PC 1000------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAMP-95------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyAMP-90------Yes -
ANGUS Chemical CompanyCORRGUARD LSA 7000------Yes -
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