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Submission Year is 2022 and Quarter is 4 and Activity Status is A

Water System Summary

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PWS IDPWS NamePWS TypePrimary SourceCounties ServedCities ServedPopulation
Served Count
Number of FacilitiesNumber of ViolationsNumber of Site Visits
FL6531226 MOUNTAIN LAKES CORPORTIONCommunity water systemGround waterPolkLAKE WALES30041140
MO503143610 4 WATER SYSTEMCommunity water systemGround waterMorgan-16010168
VT0020800100 MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD PARKCommunity water systemSurface water purchasedBenningtonBENNINGTON290377
TX1520067114TH STREET MOBILE HOME PARKCommunity water systemGround waterLubbock-431123011
MN186001712 Hi Mobile Home ParkCommunity water systemGround waterWright-3004422
MA1053033122 MAIN STREETCommunity water systemGround waterFranklinCHARLEMONT30324
TX0260049130 REGIONAL WSCCommunity water systemGround water purchasedBurleson-01043
CA3901031132 INVESTMENTS WATER SYSTEMCommunity water systemGround waterSan Joaquin-2524857
NE3120574133 ESTATESCommunity water systemGround waterWashingtonBLAIR6043218
WA5324781141ST AVE KPN -661Community water systemGround waterPierce-481233
CA1503684148 EAST WATER SYSTEMCommunity water systemGround waterKern-362712
TX17005801485 LIMITED CRYSTAL SPRINGS WATER COCommunity water systemGround waterMontgomery-639410
NE31200181733 ESTATES ASSOCIATESCommunity water systemGround waterBuffaloKEARNEY907514
NH2342010175 ESTATESCommunity water systemGround waterGraftonTHORNTON1106913
NH073204018 HUGHES LN/EFFINGHAMCommunity water systemGround waterCarrollEFFINGHAM6052712
NH082301020 JAFFREY RDCommunity water systemGround waterCheshireFITZWILLIAM32161756
FL349432021 PALMS RV RESORTCommunity water systemGround waterOsceolaDAVENPORT29222425
MT00001112155 COLUMBIA FALLS LLCCommunity water systemGround waterFlatheadKALISPELL70438
FL2124295242 VILLAGE SUBDIVISIONCommunity water systemGround waterColumbiaLAKE CITY16121541
MT00008292727 WEST CENTRAL DUPLEXESCommunity water systemGround waterMissoulaMISSOULA3537810
  • 1 - 20 of 143,219
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