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The list of chemicals below is managed by EPA as a group. Under EPA’s review processes (re-registration and registration review) EPA frequently manages the review of chemicals with similar properties as a “case” or group. Documents may be written that apply to all the chemicals in that group. You can find more about each chemical in this group by clicking on the individual chemical listed below.

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ImageChemical NameCAS NumberLatest ProcessPublic
Open for
Public Comments
ImageArsenic acid7778-39-4ReregistrationImageImage
ImageArsenic oxide (As2O3)1327-53-3ReregistrationImageImage
ImageArsenic oxide (As2O5)1303-28-2ReregistrationImageImage
ImageChromic acid7738-94-5ReregistrationImageImage
ImageSodium dichromate (NO INERT USE)10588-01-9ReregistrationImageImage
  • 1 - 5 of 5

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