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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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07/06/2011REG. No.: 67619-24. Name of Product: Blondie. DP Barcode: 390032. MRID: N/A (PDF, 3 pp, 66K)Earl GoadProduct Science Branch-
06/20/2011Efficacy Review for Dagwood; EPA File Symbol 67619-EL; DP Barcode: D388280. (MRID 483832-02 through 483832-40) (PDF, 35 pp, 765K)Ibrahim LaniyanProduct Science Branch AD4838322... [More]
06/16/2011Reg. No. or File Symbol: 67619-EL. Dagwood. DP Barcode: D388279. MRID: 48383201 (PDF, 3 pp, 52K)Chris JiangProduct Science Branch AD48383201
04/25/2011Product Chemistry Review for EPA File Symbol: 67619-EU. Product Name: Blondie. (MRID 483902-01). CODE: (A540) New Product; Non-Fast Track. DP Barcode: 388364. MRID: N/A. (PDF, 4 pp, 62K)Lynette T. Umez-EroniniProduct Science Branch-
04/05/2011Acute Toxicity Review for EPA Reg. No.: 67619-EU. DP Barcode: D385824. Product Name: Blondie. MRID No.: 483360-04 (PDF, 8 pp, 151K)Ian BlackwellProduct Science Branch48336004
03/28/2011Efficacy Review for Blondie; EPA File Symbol 67619-EU; DP Barcode: D385825. (MRID 483360-09 through 483360-48). (PDF, 34 pp, 677K)Ibrahim LaniyanProduct Science Branch AD48336009... [More]
12/22/2010Efficacy Review for B-Cap 35 Antimicrobial Agent; EPA Reg. No. 72372-1; DP Barcode: D382572. MRID No. 48205901 (PDF, 5 pp, 74K)Lorilyn M. MontfordProduct Science Branch48205901
12/01/2010Product Chemistry Review for EPA Reg. No.: 81242-R. Product name: Ygiene 206. Manufacturing-use [] OR End-use Product [X]. CAS Number: 7722-84-1, 79-21-0. SUBMITTER: BioNeutral Group, Inc. DP Barcode: D381844. MRID: 481955-00, 481955-01. (PDF, 9 pp, 220K)Juan NegronProduct Science Branch AD48195500... [More]
04/19/2010DATA REVIEW FOR ACUTE DERMAL IRRITATION TESTING (OPPTS 870.2500). Test Material: Ygiene 206, Batch #: 9001F1 / Colorless, clear liquid. MRID No.: 481955-06 (PDF, 2 pp, 66K)Ian BlackwellOPP/EPA48195506
04/19/2010DATA REVIEW FOR ACUTE DERMAL TOXICITY TESTING (OPPTS 870.1200). Study No.: 28647. Test Material: Ygiene 206, Batch #: 9001F1/ Colorless clear liquid. MRID No.: 481955-03 (PDF, 2 pp, 40K)CSC and Ian BlackwellOPP/EPA48195503
04/19/2010DATA REVIEW FOR ACUTE INHALATION TOXICITY TESTING (OPPTS 870.1300) (NOSE-ONLY EXPOSURE). Test Material: Ygiene 206, Batch #: 9001F1 / Colorless clear liquid. MRID No.: 481955-04 (PDF, 2 pp, 95K)CSC and Ian BlackwellOPP/EPA48195504
04/19/2010DATA REVIEW FOR ACUTE EYE IRRITATION TESTING (OPPTS 870.2400). Ygiene 206, Batch #: 9001F1 / Colorless clear liquid. MRID No.: 481955-05 (PDF, 4 pp, 92K)CSC and Ian BlackwellOPP/EPA48195505
04/19/2010DATA REVIEW FOR SKIN SENSITIZATION TESTING (OPPTS 870.2600) (BUEHLER METHOD). Test Material: Ygiene 206, Batch #: 9001F1 / Colorless clear liquid. MRID No.: 481955-07 (PDF, 5 pp, 128K)CSC and Ian BlackwellOPP/EPA48195507
01/21/2010Subject: Sanosil S25. Reg. No. or File Symbol: 84526-G. Manufacturing-use [] or End-use Product [X]. DP Barcode: # 369659. MRlD Nos.: 477684-01, 477684-02, 477684-03. Product ingredient source information on pages 3, 4, and 5 deleted (PDF, 19 pp, 516K)Alex TraskaProduct Science Branch AD47768401... [More]
10/07/2009Efficacy Review for B-Cap 35 Antimicrobial Agent (EPA Reg. No. 72372-1); DP Barcode: D366986. MRID Nos. 477783-01 through 477783-03 (PDF, 6 pp, 58K)Ibrahim LaniyanProduct Science Branch AD47778301... [More]
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