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EPA has produced a vast collection of science-related documents to support pesticide registration decisions. Below you will find a subset of documents that, generally, have been requested by the public through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process. Each of these documents has been reviewed to ensure that any proprietary information is not included.

If you wish to obtain a document that is not currently posted, you may do so by filing a FOIA request.

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01/21/2010REG. No. or FILE SYMBOL: 64240-AL. WC Complete. DP BARCODE: 371360. MRID: # 478898-01,478898-02 (PDF, 9 pp, 264K)Alex TraskaProduct Science Branch47889801... [More]
01/20/2010Efficacy Review for WC Complete; EPA File Symbol 64240-AL; DP Barcode: D371362. MRID Nos. 478898-09 through 478898-17 (PDF, 13 pp, 527K)Ayaad AssaadProduct Science Branch47889809... [More]
01/06/2010Acute Toxicity Review for EPA Reg. 64240-AL. Product Name: WC Complete. DP Barcode: D371361. MRID Nos. 478898-03 through 478898-08 (PDF, 20 pp, 503K)Earl GoadProduct Science Branch47889803... [More]
09/24/2009Product Chemistry Review for EPA Reg. # 42048-R. SUBJECT: Glyco-San. DP BARCODE: D362635. MRID: 476814-00, 476814-01, 476814-02 (PDF, 9 pp, 245K)Juan F. NegronProduct Science Branch47681400... [More]
09/03/2009Dietary, Drinking Water and Human Exposure Assessment for the Proposed New Product GLYCO-SAN (EPA Reg. # 42048-R). DP Barcode: D362725 & D362726. MRID#: 476814-11 (PDF, 3 pp, 924K)Talia LindheimerRisk Assessment & Science Support Branch47681411
08/03/2009Efficacy Review for Glyco-San; EPA Reg. No. 42048-R; DP Barcode: D362640. (MRID's 476814-09 and 476814-10) (PDF, 6 pp, 195K)Marcie TiddProduct Science Branch AD47681409... [More]
06/25/2009Efficacy Review for EPA Company No. 4582-TE, Ultimate Clean. DP Barcode: 357853. (MRID Nos. 475754-02 and -03) (PDF, 17 pp, 128K)Tajah BlackburnProduct Science Branch AD47575402... [More]
05/06/2009Acute Toxicity Review for EPA Reg. No.: 42048-R. Product Name: Glyco-san. DP Barcode: D362641. MRID Nos. 476814-03 through 476814-08 (PDF, 21 pp, 521K)Earl GoadProduct Science Branch47681403... [More]
01/10/1994EPA Reg. No.: 612-8. (PDF, 3 pp, 122K)Mark PerryRegistration Support Branch-
01/30/1992EPA Reg. No./File Symbol: 612-8; Propel Plant Growth Regulator. (PDF, 10 pp, 585K)William WoodrowRegistration Support Branch-
02/05/1988Lactic Acid - Expedited Review of Proposed Registration of New Chemical, in Registration Standard Format - Final Revision. (PDF, 15 pp, 695K)
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Allen VaughanEcological Effects Branch-
12/03/1987New Chemical Registration Standard: Lactic Acid - Submission of Data Evaluation Records. (PDF, 23 pp, 1004K)
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Allen VaughanEcological Effects Branch-
10/23/1987Cover Memorandum for Lactic Acid. (PDF, 4 pp, 226K)Henry JacobyFungicide Herbicide Branch-
09/24/1987EPA Pesticide Petition No. 7F3472. EPA File Symbol 9018-A. Propel (80% a.i.) [L(+)] Lactic Acid. Request for Waiver of Toxicity Data. Accession No. 265645. Inert Ingredient info removed from page 4. (PDF, 5 pp, 319K)William WoodrowRegistration Support Branch-
09/24/1987Submission of Data to Support Proposed Registration of Use on a Variety of Crops. (PDF, 14 pp, 629K)Robert TaylorEcological Effects Branch-
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